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Very few hairs are free from dehydration which is the first enemy of capillary well-being...

The summer season is a big challenge for the health of our hair. Hair loss in summer is quite common.

Сьогодні ми хочемо представити наш офіційний сайт в Україні та запропонувати більше інформації нашим постійним клієнтам.

How do you treat hair problems? Let a Trichologist help you.

Today we are going to answer some of the frequently-asked questions about DSD products by customers.

Eczema: definición, causas y tratamiento

Eczema is a non-contagious skin condition characterized by different types of swelling and itching of the skin.

Consejos para tratar el cuero cabelludo sensible

Sensitive scalp can cause burning, tingling, pain, itching, and redness, or even more serious symptoms like micro-inflammation or infections.

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