Very few hairs are free from dehydration, the first enemy of capillary well-being, which entails other problems that directly affect its appearance: lack of shine, rough touch, split ends, weakness, and tendency to break... There are many factors that contribute to the tendency of the hair to dry out: the sun, dyes, the use/abuse of irons and dryers, abuse of styling products...

What is hair dehydration? Everything you need to know… Hair dehydration is the lack of water in our hair. It causes frizz and dryness in the hair.

Capillary dehydration can be due to many reasons, the most common being poor care of our hair with unsuitable products, abuse of dyes, bleaching, and similar.

Effects of hair dehydration

Dehydrated hair is very noticeable, as it looks frizzy and breaks more easily. When it is in this state it is more complicated for the hair to grow and we can have it long.

Our first suggestion is: Take “washing” seriously. One of the most frequent mistakes is to use a product that is inappropriate for the needs of our hair. If your hair is very dehydrated, you need a repair product that helps rebuild the fiber, strengthens the hair in depth, and provides nutrition.

In particular, for the times in which we find ourselves, we recommend our LINE 4 | ANTI-HAIR LOSS + RESTRUCTURING or our LINE 5 | RESTRUCTURING.

  • LINE 4 | ANTI-HAIR LOSS + RESTRUCTURING: Dual-action products that stimulate hair growth while improving punished and damaged hair fiber.
  • LINE 5 | RESTRUCTURING: Range of products designed to improve the structure of damaged hair fiber due to external environmental, thermal, or chemical factors.

DSD de Luxe offers a wide range of solutions depending on the type and need of your hair. The Classic, Medline, and Opium lines are made up of shampoos, serums, lotions, and masks that will alleviate the effects of all kinds of external aggressions, restoring the balance and natural beauty of the hair.

Capillary Dehydration: First Enemy Of Healthy And Beautiful Hair

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