Eyelashes are a key element to enhance the expression and beauty of our gaze. But without proper care, they can become weak and fall more easily.

Do you want to know the causes of its fall out and how to avoid it?

Do you want to recover all the splendor of your look?

Causes of eyelashes fall out

Eyelashes falling out is quite a common problem.

Its causes can be diverse and it is important to identify them and remedy them.

  • Genetics: There are people with a predisposition. They have thinner lashes than usual and are more prone to falling out.
  • Age: Just like our hair, our eyelashes can weaken over time and fall out more frequently.
  • Excessive use of makeup and cosmetic solutions: Excessive use of certain cosmetic products, such as extensions, eyelash curlers or makeup can weaken the roots and/or cause skin allergies, increasing the risk of eyelashes falling out.


  • Hormonal disorders: Like those that occur during pregnancy or menopause, they can affect the growth and fall of eyelashes. In these cases, it would be best to resort to a nutritional supplement for hair with all the vitamins and minerals that contribute to its growth.

  • Nutritional deficiencies: A diet poor in essential nutrients such as biotin, zinc or vitamin E can contribute to eyelashes fall out. To alleviate these deficiencies you should eat a diet that is as balanced as possible.

  • Injuries and health problems: Some diseases, such as alopecia or hypothyroidism, or injuries to the eye area can cause eyelashes to fall out.

In any case, if you want to show off longer and denser eyelashes, there is a regenerative treatment that can help you strengthen your eyelashes and prevent them from falling out.

Would you like to know what it is?

Regenerative treatment for eyelashes fall out

To stop the loss of eyelashes, it is highly recommended to use a regenerative treatment that helps strengthen the roots and stimulate their growth. Our 3.4.6 EYELASH WONDER SERUM is showing great effectiveness in its results. It is formulated to help promote natural eyelashes growth, and strengthen and redensify them.

It's also important to take a number of steps to care for and strengthen your eyelashes, such as:

  • Use high-quality eyelash makeup that is capable of protecting and moisturizing them while increasing their volume.
  • Eat a diet rich and balanced in essential nutrients.
  • A constant facial hygiene routine every night.
  • A Cleansing with natural oils. Not only do they not harm the health of your eyelashes, but they help you strengthen them.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. This can weaken the roots and increase the risk of falling.

Fall out of eyelashes, can it be avoided?

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