Our sales team came to Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona for Trichology training and DSD de Luxe products basic knowledge training this November.

Most of our members already have the basic trichology knowledge, since most of them work in hair salons or specialized barbershops, thus, in this class, our sales team focused on presenting products which include products introductions, functions and application, special cases analyzed of hair loss, hair disorder and scalp disorder.


    In the first part of this class, our sales Alejandro presented our basic products in detail: classical line products, medical line products, and Opium line products, our classical line products can satisfy most requirements of comment guests in hair salons. About medical line, is specialized for people who have sensitive skin or scalp, who are not used to applying shampoo with sulfate or parabens.

    Classic line: Cosmeceutical products that help stop hair loss, stimulate hair growth, reduce oil or dandruff, and restore the structure of the hair fiber.

    Opium line: Hairline indicated to stop hair loss. Its products contain placenta, caffeine, niacinamide, Sabal, and poppy extract, which help stimulate local blood flow and provide the necessary nutrients for hair to grow stronger and healthier.

    Medical line: PROFESSIONAL COSMECEUTIC LINE, contains unique formulas at the forefront of technology. It incorporates patented Growth Factors that influence hair growth and a wide selection of plant extracts that control excess sebum and exert a sensational Detox function.

    DSD de Luxe products have been designed for different types of hair loss and disorders; such as seasonal or Progressive, based on different active ingredients with proven efficacy, such as Saw Palmetto, Cegaba, Capyxil, Crexipil, and several growth polypeptides. Products of a complete range from Scrubs, Shampoos, Masks, Lotions, Mesotherapy, and dietary supplements, and also our Restructuring line for damaged hair.

    In this class, our sales mentioned two points about our products, which are also frequent questions from our online customers, they are:

    What is the correct use method of Peeling, should we use it before washing the hair or after washing the hair?

    Here is the production description link with the right use method: https://dsddeluxe.com/en/shop/1-3-dixidox-de-luxe-peeling

    You should use the peeling before washing the hair. Always before washing. The detailed processes are as below:

    The scalp is moistened a little and then the peeling is applied. It is important to massage gently and leave for about 15 minutes. Apply the creamy formula to the scalp and massage gently. Comb the hair several times. Leave to act between 5 and 15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. For best results wash hair with 1.1 DIXIDOX DE LUXE ANTISEBORRHEIC SHAMPOO. Then apply 1.4 DIXIDOX DE LUXE ANTISEBORRHEIC LOTION. It is recommended to use 1.3 Dixidox de Luxe Peeling once a week or as recommended by the specialist.

    Here is our guide video to apply the peeling: 

    • What's the double effect of DSD de Luxe products? Which products have this double effect?


    Our classical line 4 and line 5 have these double effects, their preparations of these groups can simultaneously stimulate hair growth and improve its structure. the key ingredients to work on double effects:  Products contain a highly active complex of hair growth stimulators comprised of placental extract, royal jelly, vasodilators ingredients, inositol, adenosine, caffeine, cayenne pepper extract, phytoestrogens, and vitamins. Besides hair growth stimulation, products perfectly repair damaged hair structures due to the presence of keratin, collagen, and panthenol. After use hairs acquire noticeable shine, strength, and volume.

    2. SPECIAL CASES ANALYZED (hair loss, hair disorder, and scalp disorder…)

    In the second part of the trichology training, our presenters were focusing on analyzing the special hair/scalp disorder cases, due to the complicated and unicity of all these special cases, we spent almost 3 hours on this huge topic.

    Our members were very active in asking questions about the special cases they met when they were talking with their customers. They have a lot of experience with all kinds of customers with Hair disorders, treatments, and hair health, so on. And we, DSD de Luxe, are not only bringing you the best out of cosmeceutical products for self-hair treatment but also helping you offer specialized and healthy hair/scalp disorder treatment.

    Except for cases analyzed, we also taught our members to use the micro camera to observe the hair growth states and scalp health. It helps us thoroughly examine the hair and scalp. Micro cameras can help a trichologist examine the condition of your scalp and hair texture, including hair growth. By taking a sample of the hair, we can determine if there is a problem with your hair during the growth phase.

    Our senior sales representative, Oscar, explained very well every complicated case that our member asked. As we talked about in our Blog: A professional trichologist will have more experience and background dealing with problems specific to hair and scalp than your dermatologist. (Learn more in our Blog: What is a Trichologist?)

    About DSD de Luxe Trichology Training:

    DSD de Luxe Trichology Training contains medical information, hair loss therapies, and practical knowledge. Also, we introduced all our products which point to hair loss and hair care.

    Our customers will be able to immediately apply the new knowledge base to their current salon. The course covers the basics of trichology, as well as a guide to using trichology to run and market their current salon. We offer a comprehensive guide to advanced hair loss treatment options and effective products, as well as training to put cosmetic hair loss treatments into practice.

    This training includes education about the conditions that cause hair loss and they will be ready to provide each client with the appropriate service for their hair loss problem. Our training emphasizes the use and diagnosis of microscopes so that they can better improve the client's hair condition based on the results and further needs. If you live in Spain and you need the assistance of a trichologist, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In DSD de Luxe, we provide our customers with free hair diagnosis in Spain. And we will treat all private inquiries in the strictest confidence.

    DSD de Luxe takes pride in providing cosmeceutical products focused on the trichology field through the use of modern science and research. We have developed high-quality products that are effective for all hair disorders. Our team of scientists and other highly trained staff follow a meticulous and systematic approach toward the formulation and design of new products that are at the forefront of modern technology.

    Trichology Training in Barcelona - DSD DE LUXE

    Barcelona (Spain), November 2021

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