Trichology training in Málaga - DSD de Luxe

Málaga (Spain), July 2021

Our trichology team came to Malaga for customers training in this summer.

Our class content includes:

Trichology Introduction: Trichology is the science that aims to study any pathology related to the hair and scalp. (Find more information in our Blog: WHAT IS TRICHOLOGY?)

Formación de LA TRICOLOGÍA DSD de Luxe Málaga Álvaro y Alenjandro.

Phases of hair growth

There are 3 stages of hair growth for a healthy follicle.

Hairs follows a specific growth cycle with three distinct and concurrent phases: ANAGEN, CATAGEN, TELOGEN.

Each phase has specific characteristics that determinate the length of the hair.

All 3 phases occur simultaneously, one strand of hair may be in the anagen phase, while another is in the telogen phase. (Find more information in our Blog: ANATOMY, STRUCTURE, AND PHASES OF HAIR GROWTH)

In this class, our clients learned improved knowledge in hair and scalp disorders, anatomy and phisiology of hair, hair loss. 

Besides, they studied trichoscopy knowledge and practiced the use of a hair digital capillary microscope.

Our team member Alejandro taught our clients how to use a hair digital capillary microscope.

By using the digital microscope, our clients can recognize pathologies better. 

In the training, our clients learned how to observe scalp conditions and identify hair conditions by hair digital capillary microscope.

Our partners include: Pelucaspaso's, Alvaro campospro, and Besamebeautybar.

Thanks for all your corporation, we sincerely hope that we will have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

Trichology training in Málaga - DSD de Luxe

Málaga (Spain), July 2021

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