DSD de Luxe and BIODERM CANARIAS have organized the “Trichology: Pathologies and Hair Treatments” Training Session, in addition to presenting new products from the DSD de Luxe range, a brand specializing in the care and recovery of hair and scalp.

DSD de Luxe trainers team together with our distributor, BIODERM CANARIAS, were in Tenerife giving this seminar on Hair Pathologies and Treatments.

The attendees, 30 professional stylists, already had basic knowledge in Trichology, so this training focused on the analysis and practice of cases such as hair loss, and hair and scalp disorders.

ANALYSIS AND DIAGNOSIS OF CASES: Hair loss, hair and scalp disorders

In the first part of the session, we presented the cases, their problems, and the necessary protocols to treat and reduce these alterations.

DSD de Luxe is a brand specialized in Trichology that offers a wide range of cosmeceutical products indicated to curb hair disorders and restore hair health.

They also learned how to apply the technology that DSD de Luxe offers to develop exclusive and personalized treatments. Thanks to the DSD de Luxe microcamera they were able to observe the hair and scalp in depth condition.

Finally, we gave a practical demonstration of the application of the Mesotherapy treatment to some attendees, who were able to see its benefits and characteristics firsthand.

About DSD de Luxe Trichology Training:

DSD de Luxe Trichology Training contains information and solutions to treat hair pathologies and practical knowledge.

Our clients will be able to apply the new knowledge base to their current salon immediately. The course covers the basics of Trichology and guidelines for applying and marketing this knowledge in your salon. We also offer a complete guide to treatments for hair loss and other hair disorders.

Our training emphasizes the use and diagnosis through micro cameras to develop treatments that are appropriate to the needs, providing optimal solutions and the improvement of the condition of the hair.

Tenerife (Spain) - July 2022

Trichology Training in the Canary Islands - DSD DE LUXE

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