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The effectiveness of DSD de Luxe products is not only clinically confirmed but also based on the extensive experience of hair specialists and users worldwide for decades.

Discover our Classic, Opium, Medline, and Skincare lines.


Cosmeceutical products with a strong therapeutic effect that intensively target hair growth; they help regulate sebum production, control and eliminate dandruff, and improve the structure of damaged hair.


Products with high levels of active ingredients that help prolong the hair growth phase, increase local blood circulation, and revitalize the hair follicle..


Contains cutting-edge formulas incorporating patented Growth Factors that influence hair growth and a wide selection of plant extracts that control excess sebum and perform a sensational Detox function.


DSD de Luxe offers a skincare range consisting of two lines dedicated to facial care: Viper-Ake and Matrixfill. Both are formulated with high concentrations of high-quality ingredients to achieve optimal, visible, and long-lasting results.

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