1. Why are some bank card payments rejected?

We have verified the card payment in the online store and it works. Above all, they are denied when the cards are not issued in the European Union, or the card is European but the holder's usual address is outside the EU. In these cases, the safest is the payment by Pay-pal, in which it is easy to link any card or by transfer.

2. How can I make purchases online? I only see the description of the product, but not the price or the possibility of adding it to the shopping cart.


To be able to make purchases, you must go to the "STORE" section, located in the upper right part of the menu of the official DSD de Luxe website: HTTPS: // dsddeluxe / shop from there you can look for a product in the box of the search engine, or go browsing the pages until you find the one of your interest.

If you are on a product sheet, you can always click on "ADD TO CART".

3. Are you official representatives of the brand? I find your products on other pages at much more affordable prices.

Indeed, we are the official representatives of DSD de Luxe Spain. However, we are aware that some websites are selling our products below the official price and we cannot do anything against it, but we recommend that you always make your purchases through the official website www.dsddeluxe.com, given that we cannot guarantee the origin or quality of the products that are sold on unofficial pages.


4. Do you ship outside the European Union?

We only ship to countries within the European Union. Here you can check the list of all countries:

In the case of the United States, we have a distributor through which you can make online purchases: www.dsdunitedstates.com

For Russian customers, they can purchase through the official website: www.dsddeluxe.ru

For Ukraine customers, they can purchase through the official website: www.dsddeluxe.com.ua


5. I am trying to place an order but there is an error in the payment, what can I do?

If your credit card was created in another country outside the European Union, it will not be possible to purchase due to incompatibilities with the payment gateway. In this case, we recommend that you use the Paypal platform since it is one of the safest and fastest payment options.


6. If I buy the product today, when will it arrive?

Your order will be delivered on the estimated date established in the shipping confirmation. For domestic shipments, the approximate delivery date is 24/48 hours. For international shipments, delivery will be made in a maximum of 5 business days.

7. I am not a Spanish citizen, will I be allowed to place an order on this site?

Yes, you can use the passport number to order.

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