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Matriquines are messenger peptides capable of regulating cellular activities by interacting with their specific receptors. They activate certain genes involved in the rejuvenation of the extracellular matrix and cell proliferation, mechanisms that weaken with age.


Synthetic tripeptide with a molecular weight below 500 Da for optimal skin penetration. It mimics a small sequence of the Waglerin protein, present in snake venom, immediately relaxing wrinkles and fine lines by blocking the neuronal transmission of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

Hyaluronic acid (Cube 3)

Cube 3® Hyaluronic Acid is a unique biotech ingredient that contains three molecular length spectra, as described, it is not focused on specific molecular weight, but rather on the efficacy of a variety of fractions working in synergy. It exists in the body. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, improves its elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..

Adenosina (AdenoSphere)

It is a liposome that contains 2% adenosine. This molecule is essential for cells since it is a component of their genetic material (DNA and RNA) and of ATP, the energy of cells. It provides anti-aging properties to preserve skin texture and tone and improves wrinkles through collagen synthesis.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Collagen is a protein that forms a fibrous network with elastin in the dermis that keeps the skin smooth and supple. Over the years and adverse environmental factors, the fibers of this network degrade, and wrinkles and sagging skin appear.

To repair and regenerate these fibers, collagen is essential, but it is made up of a long chain of amino acids that give it a molecular weight that is too large to be able to penetrate the dermis. For this reason, collagen is hydrolyzed, that is, it breaks down into small pieces (amino acids) of sufficient molecular weight to penetrate the skin. The collagen synthesis is made from internal amino acids.

Collagen provides flexibility, tonality, and elasticity to the skin.

Rosehip Oil

It is an oil with a high content of essential fatty acids (EFA), especially linoleic (~ 45%) and linolenic (~ 30%). It is a good skin regenerator attenuates scars, wrinkles and provides lubrication, emolliency, and pleasant smoothness to the skin, being a precursor of retinol. It is used in restorative treatments for dry skin and anti-aging and anti-aging products.

Aloe Vera 

It produces a rapid regeneration of cellular tissue. It is rich in principles of a mucilaginous nature: it generates strong and continuous skin rehydration. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties (feeling of relief from burns). It is rich in trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins that give it moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing emollient properties.

Vitamin E(tocopherol acetate)

Anti-aging vitamins, due to their great antioxidant potential, it prevents the oxidation of fats in cell membranes, which keeps them firm and slows cell aging. Elastic fibers of collagen and connective tissue give skin its elasticity.

Argan oil

It is an oil extracted from the fruit of the Arganda Spinosa tree in southern Morocco. Its natural tocopherol content gives it excellent antioxidant and anti-free radical properties, as well as self-protective oxidation.

Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil helps rebuild the skin's lipid membrane. Linoleic acid, a form of omega-6 and a precursor of vitamin F, is three times more concentrated than olive oil. As an essential fatty acid, it plays a key role in maintaining cell integrity.

Grape seed oil

It is rich in Vitamin E and a high concentration of Linoleic Acid (76%) and Linolenic Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, also called Omega 6 and Omega 3, which give it softening, emollient and moisturizing properties.

Shea butter

It is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. Covers the skin with an invisible film protecting it and preventing dehydration. On aged skin it acts against dryness, restoring its natural flexibility. It is rich in phytosterols, precursors of vitamins and hormones, which accelerate the growth of tissues, favoring the replacement of the epidermis. Its essential fatty acids and its unsaponifiables give it repairing and protective properties.

Natural Hydration Factor (NMF)

The degree of hydration of the skin can be regulated by the application of moisturizing substances called NMF (natural moisturizing factor or natural moisturizing factor). These substances prevent excessive evaporation by retaining water in the cuticle through lipid action. This is how cosmetics keep skin elastic, smooth, and prevent dehydration.

Components of the NMF:

Amino acids 42%, PCA 12%, lactic acid 11%, urea 7%, others 28%.

Allantoin, with a recognized epithelializing action, helps to improve the skin surface and to eliminate or reduce irritations and blemishes. It is a cell proliferator and healing.




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