Scalp and hair disorders are very common problems today.

It is necessary to know what type of disorder you have before choosing the right products for your hair.


Pathological increase in the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin, accompanied by chronic inflammation that produces scales, itching, and erythema of the affected area.

Dry dandruff occurs when dry, white, loose flakes or flakes form on the scalp and flake off. Its other symptoms include itching, redness, and oily or dry scalp.

The sensitive and irritated scalp can cause burning, tingling, pain, itching, redness, or even more serious symptoms such as micro-inflammation or infection.

The cause of itchy scalp is the destruction of the balance of the scalp microbiota and the growth of harmful bacteria. It will cause an imbalance of fat and metabolism, upset the entire scalp, and seriously damage the health of the scalp if not prevented.

The main symptoms include the loss of a large number of hairs in a short period and the hair is reduced. The scalp will be exposed in less than a month.

Progressive hair loss is usually hereditary and is the result of dysfunction of the hair and scalp in response to certain male hormones (such as androgens). This phenomenon only begins after puberty.

Damaged hair shows the negative consequences of dyes, perms, dryers, and/or overly aggressive products. At the tips, it is open and therefore porous and dehydrated, even in cases where the root is greasy. It requires assets that repair it in depth.

Eyelash loss can occur with a number of conditions, including a variety of skin conditions, some medications, hormonal disorders, metabolic abnormalities, inflammation, toxins, psychiatric disorders, and autoimmune diseases.